Fairfruit Portugal

“In the paradise of Alentejo” 

 Set in the city of Beja, south of Portugal, started its activity in 2013. 

Fairfruit Portugal count with 250 HA of own production and an additional 300 HA with Fairfruit direct partners, spread over two main regions, Alentejo and Cova da Beira. 

For 2021 the production estimation is around 5000 tons of fruits. Major increases of volume are planned for the following years. 

GlobalGAP certification is present on all our products and productions.  

 Our flagship products are apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums and pomegranates. 

Fairfruit Portugal continues to expand its assortment to other products of Portuguese origin keeping always in mind his motto, Pick it fair and get if fresh !  

Our new packhouse in Beja is nearly finished. The new facility will be ready for the next stone fruit season, in April 2021. 

With more than 8’000 m2, the new packhouse will have the most advanced technology existing in the stone fruits business. 1’500 tons of storage capacity and a potential to grade and pack 200 tons daily will allow Fairfruit Portugal to guarantee a quality service for our customers. 

Together with his historical activity in the fresh market segment, Fairfruit will newly add industrial transformation in his portfolio. This part is presented under the Fairfruit Industry part.